10 Hacks for working at The Warehouse Store Support Office

1. Get to know the team in the café

Have you ever noticed the guy behind you in the café line who doesn’t have to place his coffee order and the barista knows him by name? He’s got it sorted. If you rely on a coffee fix to kick start your morning in the office, get to know the crew in the café, and they’ll be putting your order through before you’ve even swiped your card.

2. Park in the same spot every day

The Warehouse Store Support Office offers heaps of free parking. Make sure you find a spot and stick to it – that way you’ll avoid the embarrassing wander when you forget where you’ve parked.


3. Head along to our monthlyteam meetings

Business updates don’t have to be a bore – at The Warehouse Group Store Support Office, we know how to make them interesting. Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the business is important, youmay even walk away with a prize if you can answer a question in the pop quiz.

4. Embrace our ‘Way of Working’ tools

We use ‘Way of Working’ tools to ensure things get done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Embracing the tools is an excellent way to keep everyone communicating and working together as a team. The post-it note brainstorm is a favourite.

5. Get onto our meeting rooms app

Support Office team members have over 50 meeting rooms to choose from. If you have a meeting, workshop, or quick catch-up to plan, check out our meeting room booking app to find a free room.

6. Don’t forget the hashtag – #retailcareers

Here at The Warehouse Group we love digital communication and social media. They’re great ways to get involved and share our knowledge and experiences with others. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – hop on, share what it’s like to work with The Warehouse Group, and make sure to tag your post with #retailcareers.

7. Take a break on Tuff Crater

Need a break, some fresh air, or a new perspective? Grab a mate and walk over to Tuff Crater to stretch your legs and enjoy the view.

8. Trust the communal fridges

Office fridges are often associated with lunch theft, but don’t worry, your leftover lasagne is safe here. There are kitchenettes scattered around The Warehouse Group Store Support Office which can be used for making hot drinks, heating up your lunch or getting filtered water.

9. BYO mug and save

Bring your own cup along with you when you buy your next coffee and the café team will knock 20 cents off. You can even support ourcharity by buying a reusable mug at the till.

10. Get involved with fundraising

Here at The Warehouse Group Store Support Office, supporting local charities and the community is a big part of our culture. There are often fundraising bake sales, dress-up days, raffles and competitions held throughout the office, so keep an eye out and get involved. It’s always for a good cause, and a great way to have fun with your colleagues.


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