10 Tech Jobs you didn't know existed at TWG

Across The Warehouse Group’s brands these ten ‘techie jobs’ below may not have been around a decade ago, but what they lack in history they make up for in demand. If you can identify with any of them or realise that they most defiantly have a place in the exponential growth of our organisation; you can now truly say that you’re living in the future!

  • Design Thinking Specialist – Supports the company to think about the customer first, with a strong focus on customer experience.
  • Security AnalystInsures that our networks are safe and secure from hackers.
  • Front End Developercoding behind the digital customer experience.
  • Voice IoT Developerdevelops capabilities to take advantage of intelligent devices in the home.
  • Product Managerhelps to set the digital strategy for a certain part of the business.
  • Head of Product Designleads the design team for all digital experiences.
  • Digital Business Intelligence Managermanipulates and reports on data so the business can understand what exactly is happening.
  • Senior BI Engineerdevelops the systems and platforms that allows for data reporting.
  • Group Information Security OfficerLeads the Security Team in insuring that our networks and websites are safe from hackers.
  • TWG Technology Fellowtackles the most complex technology issues in the company.

As we know the tech world is rapidly evolving, just imagine what kind of roles will be vital to the success of our business over the next decade!

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