Busting retail myths with #retailcareers

Retail is poorly paid. It’s boring. It’s part-time work for students, not a real career. It’s fair to say that working in retail doesn’t have the best reputation.

In reality, retail is a great, challenging career choice – we know, because we see it every day. That’s why we’re on a mission to change these attitudes. We’re working with industry bodies, universities, and our own team members to help people understand the benefits of working in retail.

This helps us find and retain great, passionate people and it’s also good for young people looking for career opportunities. The #retailcareers hashtag is just one of the ways we’re making working in retail a visible, viable career option.

Improving perceptions, driving success

Improving the perception of retail as a career has always been important for The Warehouse Group, but in 2013 the business decided to further invest and create a strategy to drive retail as a career.

Our Talent team has delivered a number of initiatives – large and small – that have helped alter the perception of retail. These include supporting the Massey University Bachelor of Retail and Business Management degree, creating leadership programmes for team members, and promoting retail careers in high schools through our Red Shirts in Schools programme.

Surprisingly, the one that’s had the biggest impact is also the simplest – the hashtag #retailcareers.

The power of #retailcareers

For The Warehouse Group, #retailcareers is a way for us to amplify our message through social media. Team members are encouraged to use the hashtag and to share an honest representation of what it’s like to work in retail, including the fun times, special achievements and an insight into a day in the life of their role. It’s given them a real sense of pride and ownership in what they do.

#retailcareers has been described as a ‘movement’ and people in the industry are buzzing about it. It has even been picked up by other businesses, both in New Zealand and in Australia. We’re thrilled – we know that The Warehouse Group can’t change widespread perceptions on our own.

The hashtag is also useful if you’re considering a retail career of your own. Simply search for #retailcareers on social media, and you’ll get a glimpse into the realities of life in retail – and The Warehouse Group in particular. From there, you can check out our careers page to find out more.

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