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Peter Rabbit at The Warehouse

In preparation for Easter, we sat down with the children’s wear buyer for The Warehouse and got to know what inspired the Peter Rabbit range, along with how she and her family celebrate the holiday. Peter Rabbit started as a fictional character in multiple children’s stories by Beatrix Potter. The character first appeared in ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ in 1902 and thereafter in 5 more books between 1904 and 1912. Peter Rabbit has had a revival due to the popular new movie Rascal Rebel Rabbit which has seen a whole new generation fall in love with this popular children’s character.  The Warehouse prides itself on being trendy, cheap and cool therefore we are excited to bring an exclusive Peter Rabbit range to our customers thanks to our Children’s wear Buyer Jennifer Hare.


We asked Jennifer….


What inspired you to buy a Peter Rabbit collection?  Our customers love classics in the baby range and seeing as the Peter Rabbit movie was coming to NZ for Easter, we just couldn’t resist.

What is your favourite piece in this exclusive collection? The baby girl’s sweater, Peter and Mummy cuddles…I just think it is so cute.

What is the process you use when buying a new product/ range? It is an extensive process but in a nutshell… We start with an overseas trip to look for the latest trends and styles.   After feeling inspired we then collaborate with our designers on what we believe the best range should look like.  We ensure there is a mix of newness as well as proven great sellers our customers love.  We then work with The Warehouse Planners to ensure we are buying enough stock for our customer demand.  Next, we cost the range with our suppliers to achieve the lowest possible price we can for our customers. Lastly, we present the range to the business for sign off and then place orders for the range to be made. From there we work with internal departments to bring the product to life in our stores and market it to our customers.

How far in advance do you have to prepare? We work very far in advance in clothing, depending on the task we work on the ranges approx. 6-9 months before it arrives in stores.

What is your favourite part of your job? Checking out all the exciting new trends happening around the world and bringing them to our The Warehouse range. It’s so exciting to give kiwis trendy, cheap and cool products that I know they will love.

What is special about being a Buyer at The Warehouse? The Warehouse Merchandise team is super creative and collaborative environment buzzing with amazing ideas.

We also have an amazing group of internal product designers. I can dream up an idea that I think our customer will love, brief it to our designer and they can make it come to life. It incredible to see the hard work we all do together pay off when the range hits stores.

How do you celebrate Easter? Our family often head to our beach house in Whangamata-  beach, BBQ, backyard cricket and of course chocolate!

What did Easter with your family look like when you were a child? So many chocolate Easter eggs that I would lose count.  The family would always get together, it was mostly about eating lots of treats and coming together to enjoy each other’s company!


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