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Are you right for TWG?

We’re here to help New Zealand Flourish - a huge part of that is about adapting to meet our customers’ needs and readying ourselves for the future of retail. Whatever the role, the people to help us do that will have skills and attributes in common.

You’re a good fit for TWG, if you’re:

  • A self-learner – The world and our business are changing – fast. That means you need to stay ahead of the requirements in your role, always learning and seeking knowledge to keep yourself current.
  • Digitally savvy – The future of work is no doubt digital. We need people who understand digital and look for ways to use tech to drive simplicity, find solutions and harness data.
  • Resilient – In the changing landscape of the retail industry and our business, you need to be tough and self-motivated. That could be daunting for some, but if you’re resilient, you’ll keep digging in and driving our business forward, no matter what the obstacle.
  • Future-thinking – To help New Zealand flourish we are building a 100-year company. We’re in it for the long haul and that means we need people who are strategic and can think beyond the everyday.
  • Imaginative and creative – We need people who think outside the norm, so we get ideas to surprise and delight our customers.
  • Adaptable – Change is happening in all major businesses around the world. We will continue to adapt to stay ahead of our competitors and deliver to our customers. We have a long history in New Zealand and we intend to be here for another 100 years, but to do that we will continue to change. We need people who are comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Curious – We have a history in New Zealand of over 30 years, but to keep moving forward we need to keep asking “Why?” – and to challenge what we think we know.
  • Emotionally intelligent – People are the heart of our business. Understanding ourselves and others helps us to work with openness and a growth mindset
  • Enterprise thinking - Eco-system – Whatever brand you work with, you’re ultimately on the TWG team, helping us work toward a common goal – to Help New Zealand Flourish.
  • Bringing diverse skills – The future of our teams is all about harnessing the skills and strengths of each of our people. By bringing a toolbox of skills with you, you’ll be able to think beyond your role, adding value to your team and to the business as a whole.
  • Collaborative – In a business our size nothing is done by one person. You need to be able to build relationships and work in teams to achieve a common goal. Influencing and understanding the objectives of other teams and people is critical for success.
  • A diverse thinker – We celebrate diversity in our business and that includes diversity of thought. We need people who will actively seek out the opinions of others – especially from those who think differently to us.
  • Comfortable actioning data insights – You must understand, draw insights and be able to effectively communicate data within our business to drive action.

Are you a good fit? Join us.

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